It’s Christmas Eve y’all…

My favorite day of the year. Not sure where it started specifically. But I'm sure it's rooted in memories. Like when the candle wax dripped on my hand, the Athens UMC sanctuary alit naturally while Silent Night rings out. Or when my Anma raises her fingers and shakes them to "...five golden rings..." Or when she finally … Continue reading It’s Christmas Eve y’all…


Twelve seconds at peak parenthood

"My heart is RACING!!" The smile on her face was as electric as the tension in the stadium. And it was all I really needed. I'm not a real professional sports kind of guy. For sporting events I prefer a campus back drop and marching bands and actual cheerleaders compared to this fancy new Mercedes-Benz … Continue reading Twelve seconds at peak parenthood

Thomas Magnum didn’t drink New Coke

Coach: "How's a beer sound Norm?" Norm: "I dunno. I usually finish them before they get a word in." That's just a brief moment from one scene where two authentic characters engage in a humorous and memorable interaction. What a breath of fresh air. Because in just the past couple weeks I've seen promotional commercials for a … Continue reading Thomas Magnum didn’t drink New Coke

Refocusing these corrective lenses

"Which is clearer...A, or...B?" My view through the optometrical torture device shifts from a very clear  L C O P M  to one that maybe, just maybe is slightly less clear. "Again, which is clearer...A, or...B?" I struggle. The optometrist really sounds like she knows the answer, but just like most every math test I suffered … Continue reading Refocusing these corrective lenses

Social media – trending down, but not out

As an educator my summer schedule allows for some time to reflect, rest, and grapple with those thoughts I've been putting on the back burner again and again since the calendar turned the year over. While I do work many hours between June and July, I at least get the peace of seeing the morning … Continue reading Social media – trending down, but not out